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Suitable Aerial Working Platform


Which Points You Should Consider When Choosing and Renting The Right Access Platform For Your Job

Now a day saerial platforms are used in many different sectors. How ever, we can obtain maximum performance from the platforms when the proper aerial working platform is chosen for the worksite.Some in conveniencesmayoccurwhen a wrong Access platform choice is made. Wemay not be ableto complete our job before the duedate, which is why we lose prestige, the costin creases because we need to operate machinery and keeppers on nelfor a longer time, various accidents may cause hugeloss of money.

Let's address the points we should consider about when choosing the most appropriate platform for our workand site condition (physical condition).

1 – Indoor or Outdoor Area.

There are some platforms just preferred for indoorusage. Wind factor should not be forgotten. Machines appropriate for an outdoor are aaredesigned to work safely at 12meter/sec wind speed. The control panels are equipped with material swhich will not be affected by certain amounts of rain and out door weather conditions. These aerial working platforms usually work with Fuel or Diesel engine.

On the other hand, indooraerialworkingplatformsgenerallyworkwithbatteries since exhaustfumesar every harmful to human health and the environment.

2- Ground condition

Some finished premises have underground car parking or basement floors. The weight of the machine we use in such situations is important. For example, a 15m articulated platform weighs 6-7 ton sand a 15m spider platform weighs a maximum of 2 tons. Articulated platforms usually move on 4 wheel sand the surfaces that wheels touch are quite small. The spider platforms have rubber crawlers. Thanks to light weight spider platforms crawlers, they distribute the load to a much larger surface than articulated platforms.

3- The groundto be worked is a completelyflator a sloping

Aerial Working Platforms (AWP) without stabilizers are preferred for the ground which is flat and solid. As the seplat forms ( battery-operated articulated working platforms and scissor lifts) allow to work efficiently on those floor condition sand you can complete your job quickly.

Platforms with stabilizers are preferred on sloping floors. Stabilizers bring the platforms to zero level position. Then a safe up ward lift is provided. Therefore, AWPs areproduced in such a way that they can work at different terrain conditions and climb different inclines.

4- Which type of ground to work on (asphalt / concrete / stabilize / soft padding / grass)

Depending on the condition of the ground, the reare suitable machines on wheels or crawlers. The reare specialtires can work on the grass and softs oil that provide a better hold. There are tires that provide good performance on rough terrains. Therearenon-marking tiresand non-marking crawlers. Spider Platforms with non-marking crawlers are preferred in construction completed shopping malls.

5- Does the working area contain flammable materials or not?

Special care must be taken to ensure that the platforms to be used in places such as factories of paint manufacturers, gasoline refinery facilities, and chemical product ion and that they are full is protected against the situation such as electric spark.

The platforms to be worked in such special places should be designed by safety experts in accordance with the standards

6- A vertical or horizontal access is required

Ideally, scissor-type platforms are preferred forworking in vertical conditions. On the other hand, Articulated or boom lifts should be preferred if horizontal access is required as well.

7. Heights of the building

Truck mounted platforms are ideal platforms forworking on facades of high-end buildings. Self-propelled AWPs are produced up to 57m height. Truck-mounted platforms are more suitable for this type of jobs because of the affordable rental rates and low transport cost. Truck-mounted platforms; models like the Palfinger P530 and Wumag WT530 are 53m and Palfinger P480, WT450 is at a working height of 45 meters and 48 meters. The Palfinger P750 is 75m.

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