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Palfinger provides a new feature, which is an additional crane mode, called’’ NX (new generation) for Jumbo class machines; 48m, 57m, 64m ve 75m working height truck mounted cranes.

Crane mode allows the main boom to lift loads up to 900kg from a fixed lifting point ,which is placed on the main boom. Thanks to this new innovative function, for instance, a load of 900 kg can easily be lifted to a height of 38 m by Palfinger P570 NX , 57m working platform. Also, the same amount of load can be lifted to a height of 46m by Palfinger P640NX platform,and a height of 55m by P750NX platform.

In addition to that a special crane was designed which is mounted under palfinger basket platform, newly developed with a rope drum.

Capacity of this crane is 450kg and it is possible to lower and lift the material more rapidly with hydraulic drive hook and rope. This means one less piece of machinery is required at the construction site.

New NX series Palfinger platforms involve cranes function, as soon as crane mode is activated, a crane, which is in compliance with Standard EN 13000 for mobile cranes, emerges from the access platform. Please note that all persons are prohibited from entering the basket while crane mode is active.

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