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How to Transport Aerial Work Platforms To A Job Site


AWPs (Aerial Work Platforms )are chosen according to client's needs and requested to be delivered to the job site after they have been rented. Therefore, once MB Hooogworkers make a deal with a customer, the scissor lifts or articulated platforms will be transported with a suitable carrier vehicle to the requested working address.

Worksites could be very diverse, such as; a finished facility, construction sites, shopping malls, theaters, sports facilities, cinemas, advertising applications on the facades, exterior insulation, paint works and glass cleaning and facade repairs of buildings. Also, there may be ongoing projects.

To choose the most appropriate access platform for your job, in most cases , visual inspection is needed by an expert and MB Hoogworkers will not charge you for this service. Thanks to MB Hoogworkers experienced staffs, you can easily choose the most appropriate AWP to use on your work site.

Problems that may arise when placing AWPs in the workplace and Solutions;

The dimensions of the entrance (width and height of the door ) to reach the job site must be known and suitable for the comfortable passage of the selected AWP.

The standard 12m-battery scissor lift can pass through the doors up to 1.8m when scissor lifts are in folded position also you should consider that there may be stairs (steps) at the entrance to the door. Therefore, rubber padded spider platforms may be preferred in such locations and It may be necessary to use some special equipment to prevent damage to the steps on spider platforms going down and up a stair and for this kind of special circumstances, please request expert support from MB Hoogworkers.

In some job sites, the floor is made of very special and delicate materials, Therefore, when working on such floors, protective covers should be used. Thus, the AWP will not touch the ground while moving and will not damage the floor.

In some cases, you can not directly enter the work area with an AWP, the best example to this grass fields which is very sensitive to pressure. In that kind of situations, platelets should be placed under the wheels to distribute the load during operation.

There may be pits on the route where the AWP will pass in the unfinished premises that are still under construction. Also, AWPs can be transported safely by using various metal or strength wood materials in those areas. Sometimes AWP is needed to operate on the upper floors, not on the ground floor. For this type of work conditions, it is required that mobile cranes should be used to transport and carry them to upper floors.

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