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Football Tournament


MB Hoogworkers is located an industrial estate,  called Groot Polder in Zoterverde close to Liden, is a very well known gated community. Also, a reputable beer producer Heineken is based in this industrial estate which MB Hoogworkers settled in.

This unique industrial facility is shown as an ideal model in the worl that respects and preserves the nature and green in their neighborhood.  2500 people have been estimated to work in this industrial zone  and last year,  There were 3 new companies including MB Hoogworkers settled in Groot Polder and MB Hoogworkers is the youngest member of this special community

To keep relations warm among community members, there is an annual meeting among estate's members to discuss general issues, investments, budget and following this meeting, barbecue and soccer tournament events held traditionally every year without exception. This year, MB Hoogworkers also attended this meeting and events as a community member. There were 20 registered soccer teams in the tournament and MB Hoogwerker was one of them.

MB Hoogwerker won the games against teams of other members. However, the final game which was played with Heineken, was lost and MB Hoogworkers soccer team became a second winner of the competition and bring the second cup to its museum. MB Hoogworker makes its own mark to this even with its tactical game and sportsmanlike manners.

Congratulation MB Hoogworkers

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