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Bluelift Spinhoogwerkers


Thanks to partnering with Ruthmann, Blue lift have started to increase the volume of production and added new cutting edge models and technologies to its production line over the last 10 years.

In 2015, SA26 model spider platform was first introduced to market and followed by this, SA11 model spider lift came out in 2017 and it is attracting more more users with its unique compact design and handy multi-functions.

First of all, Bluelift is a well-known brand among access platform rental companies in terms of technology, quality and reliability. It is believed that this cutting edge model (SA 11 Spider platform) will help Bluelift to dominate the self- propelled access platform industry, particulary spider platform market.

There are many benefits of using this technological advanced machines and the main advantage of bluelift spider platform is that they are light weight, compact and felixible. In addition to that thanks to their stabilizers, they can work flexibly even in the very confined areas and on uneven surfaces. Also, safety control systems which is used is very advanced and sophisticated when you compare the older models. Therefore, we can easily say that Bluelift designed the product which meets all our requierments and expectations with this innovative product.

Also another positive side of bluelift product is components which is selected from the best brands. Moreover, dismantling the basket takes no time and users can safely reach the maximum working height passing narrowest areas in working sides.

Last but not least, we should underline that Ruthmann Bluelift spider platform provides its users three different options when it comes to energy usage ; gasoline, diesel and hybrid.

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